Adding Value for Taxpayers

Adding Value for Taxpayers

Corrections systems across America – and the people who count on the important public service they provide – face serious challenges, such as overcrowded facilities, skyrocketing costs and inmates struggling to break the cycle of crime. Since 1983, CCA has provided solutions to these challenges for governments at all levels, providing tremendous value for the hardworking taxpayers they serve.

Independent research, from dozens of studies by leading academics, found that private-sector companies like CCA save taxpayers an average of five to 15 percent in costs. CCA creates these savings for our partners in a number of ways:

  • CCA can build a new facility in 12 to 18 months, compared to a public construction timeline of three to six years.

  • By driving efficiencies in the construction process, CCA builds an average 1,000-bed prison for under $75 million versus a governmental agency's typical expense of more than $150 million.

  • CCA facilities relieve unsafe overcrowding, which reduces the need to spend capital and issue public bonds to finance new construction. Reducing overcrowded conditions also enables greater efficiencies and enhanced safety in existing public facilities.

  • We also use our national purchasing power to get better rates when buying needed goods and services, such as prescription drugs. We pass along such savings to our government partners and, by extension, to taxpayers.

Cost savings from CCA facilities can be reinvested in additional public safety and rehabilitation programs, but the benefits for taxpayers don’t end there. The presence of a CCA facility leads to additional economic benefits, such as tax revenues and utility payments. For example:

  • A CCA facility is often the largest employer in the community where it operates, which means hundreds of jobs, with competitive salaries and benefits, and an annual payroll in the millions of dollars. For example, on behalf of one state partner, we recently opened a prison that provides more than 200 jobs, pays an estimated $8 million annually in salaries and benefits, and contributes more than $1 million each year in combined local property taxes and utilities.

  • Additionally, CCA facilities purchase a number of goods and services locally, creating a multiplied effect in the local economy.

At CCA, we are committed to operating facilities that benefit taxpayers, support economic growth, generate local tax revenue, and provide stable, well-paying jobs with advancement opportunities.