Improving Our Communities

Improving Our Communities

CCA operates facilities across the United States, and our more than 15,000 employees who live and work in those communities are committed to making a difference for their families, friends and neighbors. First and foremost, we are focused on operating safe, secure facilities. We also provide meaningful economic and social benefits through employment opportunities and strong, active corporate citizenship.

In terms of security, CCA incorporates industry best practices, state-of-the-art technology and ongoing, professional training to ensure the safety of our communities.

  • CCA facilities operate in accordance with the robust standards of the independent American Correctional Association (ACA) – the gold standard for correctional management. More than 93 percent of CCA facilities are ACA accredited, with an average score of 99.2 percent

  • All CCA facilities maintain comprehensive emergency plans to address any incident that may occur. These plans include protocols for keeping the public informed.

  • CCA's commitment to safety and security is reinforced through direct oversight by our government partners and rigorous internal and independent audit and inspection processes.

  • CCA's joint training and annual emergency drills with local law enforcement and first responders help improve the overall response times of these agencies, resulting in enhanced public safety.

CCA also creates local economic and social benefits that enable communities to grow and thrive. We take pride in our contributions to local economic and social vitality – as a career provider, revenue source, responsible consumer and charitable supporter of local civic needs. CCA encourages and supports active engagement in the community by facility management teams and employees.

  • CCA strives to be a premier national employer by providing solid career opportunities, competitive salaries and comprehensive benefits, and we are proud to have earned accolades nationally for our commitment to opportunities for military service members and veterans.

  • As a private business, CCA is subject to applicable taxes that contribute to the local tax base, providing needed revenues that can be used for important services like schools and roads.

  • CCA uses environmentally responsible construction and best practices that reduce energy and water consumption, curb waste through recycling and repurposing systems, and protect the local ecology.

  • All CCA facilities maintain a community relations committee that typically includes facility management, local officials, residents, business owners and the media. These committees meet at least quarterly and enable the community to stay informed about the facility.

  • In a given year, CCA's combined charitable can total more than $1.5 million, benefitting dozens of worthy causes that range from offender reentry programs to organizations that assist underprivileged youths to victims' rights.

  • CCA facilities budget for and contribute to community-specific needs and charities. CCA employees give generously of their time, talents and resources to local charities and civic organizations. Facilities maintain committees to keep employees informed about local needs and volunteer opportunities.

We are also extremely grateful for the local volunteers in our communities who come into our facilities to help enhance the lives of the inmates and detainees entrusted to our care through a variety of programming. Over 4,000 people volunteer their time each year in our facilities.