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Reentry is about much more than returning an inmate, detainee or resident to society. It's a process. And we're proud to say that we've developed and offer an innovative and diverse set of reentry programs to equip the inmates under our supervision with the skills, confidence and direction they need to succeed after incarceration.

Our belief is that reentry begins at the time an inmate is placed in our care. To support this philosophy, we offer evidence-based programs including academics, addictions treatment, vocational training, faith-based initiatives and life skills courses. Led by a core team of dedicated CCA professionals and community volunteers, we work daily to help men and women address a wide range of issues and help prepare them for the eventual return to society. We also seek to provide wellness opportunities for inmates, allowing them to experience quality nutrition service, health care, and wellness activities. For many, corrections serves as a first step toward healthy living.

With our latest investment in Correctional Alternatives (CAI), a community-based residential reentry alternative to traditional incarceration, we have taken a strategic step forward in enhancing our mission of advancing corrections through innovative results that benefit and protect all we serve.

Our continually broadening scope of reentry solutions represents a vital link between prison and the community. 

You can read some of our reentry success stories here.

Families of inmates can play an important role during the period of incarceration and eventual release of individuals. For these family members, we have created a special section of this website to keep them informed about their opportunities and responsibilities related to their loved ones. 

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