Dear Families...

A special message to the families and loved ones of the men and women in our care.
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Inmate Families

Serving the Families of Inmates 

Incarceration affects many lives. 

When a loved one goes to jail or prison, we know there are family members who care deeply and want to remain informed. Sometimes incarceration can mean separation from spouses or children. We know maintaining bonds with healthy relationships are so important. Even friends and church or community members often want to stay connected to inmates in our care. 

We welcome those relationships and connections. Because when an inmate remains connected to supportive individuals, they are better equipped and motivated to return to society and make positive changes. 

At CCA, our mission is to benefit and protect all we serve. We seek to provide the highest-quality correctional services. Our commitment is to operate a safe and secure environment, to offer proven reentry programs that influence change, superior medical services, fair and ethical inmate treatment and oversight, and open and transparent access to our facilities.

While we encourage families to play an active role in an inmate’s life during incarceration, it is also our responsibility to ensure the safety of the inmates in our care, our staff, the community and all facility visitors. We are tirelessly committed to security at each of our facilities, nationwide.

Our security measures may seem overwhelming or intimidating, especially to someone entering a correctional facility for the very first time. So, this section of our website is here to help you become as comfortable and informed as possible.

Inmate Locator

CCA partners with the U.S. Marshals Service, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the Federal Bureau of Prisons and many states and local municipalities. We have inmates in facilities across the country. 

Many of these correctional systems have an inmate locator system online, and you can go to those websites directly to identify an inmate's location.

Our CCA facility staff may provide information related to an inmate’s location. Please visit our Facility Locations page for specific facility contact information.

Inmate Orientation

Within the first two weeks of arrival at a CCA correctional facility, every inmate will attend the facility’s orientation program and receive a copy of the facility’s inmate handbook. 

The inmate handbook includes all the information an inmate needs to start a productive life inside the facility and remain connected with family or lawyers.  

A few handbook topics include:

  • Requesting a medical appointment/available medical services
  • Religious services
  • Educational programs
  • Recreation
  • Commissary and creating an account
  • Hygiene and grooming expectations
  • Facility schedule
  • Visitation information and schedule

Orientation and the inmate handbook ensure that inmates in our care can immediately address any concerns or questions and begin to participate in the programs and services offered at our facility. 

Operations Concern Center

At all times, we remain committed to the fair and ethical treatment of those individuals entrusted to our care. (Read more in our Social Responsiblity section.)

CCA has in place clear and accessible processes for inmates and family members to make grievances known that include a dedicated telephone and email hotline. We investigate all allegations fully and cooperate and collaborate with other agencies and law enforcement, as needed. 

If you have any concerns about your loved one, please send our Operations team a message by clicking HERE and then choose "Operations" from the CCA Department drop-down box. Or call 877-834-1550.