Court Appearances and Release

Court Appearances and Release

Courtroom GavelIf you have questions about a scheduled court appearance, we encourage you to communicate directly with the inmate. 

As a family member, you are understandably anxious to bring your loved one home. 

If your inmate is released following a court appearance, there is a process by which that release will be handled to maintain safety and security. 

Typically, the release procedures can be completed within one day. Releases are processed, first, through the court system. Then our facility has a release procedure as well. These checks-and-balances ensure releases are handled smoothly and properly. 

If your inmate is released on bond, there is also a process by which that bond is received and recorded prior to an inmate being released. This process could take up to two days to complete. 

Ultimately, it is the inmate’s responsibility to notify friends and family members of their release through the inmate phone system once all the appropriate steps have been completed.