Entering a Facility for Visitation

Entering a Facility for Visitation

Visiting a correctional facility can feel intimidating, especially for the first-time visitor. 

We have our own specific processes and rules, strict security measures, uniformed staff and words and terminology you may not be familiar with. Ultimately, those security features are in place to protect you and your loved one although we understand the potential for concern or confusion. 

Our goal is for visitors to be comfortable, even impressed, by our facility environment during your visit. We simply ask that you help us maintain safety and security by following our important guidelines. 

Contraband and Personal Items

CCA Checkpoint OfficerWhen entering one of our facilities, typically, visitors are only permitted to bring in an ID and a small amount of cash ($10 or less) or a vending card for use at the facility’s vending machines during visitation. Please check with the facility prior to visitation for specific information on the use of vending cards or cash. 

Proper identification must be a valid drivers license or a government-issued ID. Some facilities require a birth certificate to be presented for children attending visitation, so check the requirement of the specific facility you are visiting.

For security reasons, visitors will not be allowed to take any personal items or gifts into the facility – including cell phones, wallets, purses, food, gifts, magazines or books. 

Attempting to pass any of these unapproved items through security, even if accidentally, is illegal. Please leave all personal items in your vehicle. Some facilities offer lockers in the facility lobby for storing these items. 

Additionally, attempting to introduce illegal contraband, such as cigarettes, drugs and alcohol, weapons and cell phones, to a facility inmate is considered a security threat and will result in immediate legal action.

While we understand that some of these rules may be inconvenient or difficult for our visitors, it is our responsibility to keep all of our inmates, staff and visitors safe. These strict safety procedures are very important and are just one of the many ways we maintain a safe and secure environment. 

Visitation and Inmate Contact

There are different types of visitation, depending on the facility and the inmate’s classification – contact visitation, noncontact visitation and, occasionally, video visitation. 

Most of our facilities have both contact and noncontact visitation. Appropriate contact with your loved one – such as hugging – varies. Our staff will help you understand the appropriate contact rules for your time with your loved one. 

Typically contact visitation will be held in a large room with tables. Some facilities have a designated visitation room. Others may use educational rooms for visitation. 

Noncontact visitation includes the use of individual booths with telephones for speaking with inmates. 

Video Visitation 

A small number of CCA correctional facilities provide video visitation. Video visitation is especially useful for those inmates incarcerated in another state. 

To participate in a video visitation session, the inmate must schedule a specific visitation time. CCA will partner with a local church or other organization to provide the video visitation equipment and session for the visitor. 

For specific information on video visitation, please contact the facility directly. Please visit our Facility Locations section for specific facility contact information.