Reentry Programs and Pre-Release

Reentry Programs and Pre-Release

Inmate Horticulture Reentry Program

From the moment an inmate enters our correctional facility, we focus on preparing them for a successful release and life outside our facility. A large part of this preparation is accomplished through our reentry program offerings.

Inmates in our care may choose to voluntarily participate in facility programs. Or, sometimes, an inmate is required to participate in a program due to a court order or state requirement.   

Either way, CCA offers programs designed to help inmates prepare and grow on many levels – personally, academically and professionally

Our classes offer opportunities to learn life skills, job skills, certificates of employability and even diplomas. When our inmates earn degrees, facility staff, friends and family members celebrate with a formal graduation ceremony. Encouragement and support are so important.

A sampling of our offerings include:

  • Adult basic education
  • GED classes and testing
  • English as a Second Language
  • Addictions treatment programs and support groups
  • Religious study and worship 
  • Vocational classes and certifications such as masonry, electrical and carpentry
  • Parenting and financial management classes

In addition, every facility has a chaplain and community volunteers who provide many religious services and programs throughout each week. Some facilities offer a residential faith-based program for inmates committed to deeper study. 

At CCA, we have a strong commitment to reentry programs and inmate engagement activities. But, family members can play an important role, too, by encouraging their loved one to take advantage of all the opportunities presented at a CCA facility. 

Ultimately, it is the inmate’s responsibility to choose to participate in our programs. And we respect those choices. But, if you have questions about your loved ones’ participation or would like more information on how best to support participation in programs, please reach out to the correctional facility. You’ll find we are receptive and eager to help.