Staying in Touch

Staying in Touch

Inmate writing a letterStaying in touch with an inmate can be challenging due to time limitations, especially when your loved one is located a considerable distance away. 

Sometimes frequent visitation simply isn’t possible. Even so, staying in touch can make all the difference. 

We believe that maintaining connections with friends and family makes a positive impact on the inmates in our care – behaviorally, emotionally and academically – and increases their success rate upon release. Success stories make our day.

We invite you to visit. 

We invite you to write and call. 

We invite you to be involved and connected. 

Telephone Calls and Phone Cards

Hearing the sounds of a familiar voice can lift an inmate’s spirits. Typically, our correctional facilities allow inmates to make collect calls. 

Each facility has a bank of phones that are provided for inmate calls. Inmates may use these phones to make collect calls or use their pre-paid calling card. 

Detailed information on how your loved one can apply money to their calling card is provided in the inmate handbook and will vary by facility. Please visit our Facility Locations section for specific facility contact information.


Written mail through the U.S. Postal Service is perhaps one of the easiest ways for friends and family to stay in touch with their loved one. Every facility provides mail service for the inmate population. 

Guidelines for addressing mail correctly can be found on the webpage for each specific facility. 

While standard letters and cards are generally acceptable at every facility, all other allowable mail will vary from facility to facility. 

The majority of our facilities will not allow packages (anything larger than a standard letter or card) from friends and family into the facility. Unapproved mail may result in an expense to the inmate if the item has to be shipped back, destroyed or donated. 

Some facilities will allow friends and family members to purchase items from an approved vendor (such as Barnes and Noble). The package can be mailed directly from the approved vendor to the facility. Please contact the facility for the list of approved vendors, applicable schedules, allowable items and specific procedures.

Email access is not available at this time.

Inmate Accounts and Commissary

Inmates may need or receive money for various facility life activities, such as a calling card, medical co-pays, items from commissary, or even a paying job. Inmate money is managed through inmate accounts. 

Generally, all our facilities have a commissary, which is an in-facility storehouse where food items, hygiene items and writing materials can be purchased. This is in addition to the meals and standard-issue clothing and hygiene products already supplied by and paid for by the facility.  Inmates use the money in their inmate account to purchase these items. 

Typically, friends and family may contribute money to an inmate’s account. Many of our facility profiles have instructions for contributing to an inmate account.