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CCA's inmate reentry programs empower men and women to achieve success following release.
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Inmate Reentry Preparation

Inmate Reentry Preparation

Watch Trina Frierson
Mending Hearts,
Restoring Lives

Watch the inspiring story of how Trina, a former drug addict and inmate, turned her life around and is now a community leader, providing hope to those forging new lives after incarceration.

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Most offenders in America's prisons and jails will one day be released and rejoin society. That's the statistical reality, as most men and women who serve time will return to our communities as our neighbors, acquaintances and others we encounter each day.

That's why preparing them to return as productive, contributing members of society is so important. At its essence, that's what reentry means. It is providing inmates with the services, support and resources they need to become better equipped to face the realities of life on the outside in a positive way.

At CCA, we strive to make that difference in the lives of the offenders in our care. Our approach is comprehensive. It features inmate programs that emphasize: 

Ultimately, our goal is to curb the cycle of recidivism. Supporting those who've been given a second chance to change their lives for the better helps make that impact.