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At CCA, our commitment to serving government and meeting the needs of our communities produces lasting partnerships.
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Partner with CCA

Partner with CCA

Providing our partners with customized and innovative corrections solutions for more than 30 years.


Whether it’s overcrowded facilities, skyrocketing taxpayer costs or inmates struggling to break the cycle of crime, corrections systems across America face serious challenges. For more than 30 years, CCA has helped address those challenges by building and managing detention and corrections facilities in partnership with governments of all levels.

A recent peer-reviewed study published by the Independent Institute found that companies like ours generate from 12% to 58% in long run taxpayer savings without sacrificing the quality of service.

And as we constantly strive for even safer and more cost-effective facilities, we also work hard to make a bigger difference. Our more than 60 chaplains teach inmates the values needed to be successful when released, which is critical since 95% of offenders will ultimately return to their communities. Every year we help more than 3,000 inmates earn GEDs, and every day we teach thousands of inmates skills to help them find fulfilling employment once released.  As part of our partnering process, CCA participates in governments' competitive procurement solicitations, and we also can engage in direct contracts.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your partnership needs and the innovative ways CCA can help you provide safe, secure corrections and detention services at significant savings to taxpayers. 

Partnering with CCA