Detention Center Services

Detention Center Services

We partner with U.S. Marshalls Service and Immigration and Customs Enforcement to provide humane environments wherein detainees can reside in safety as they go through the judicial and diplomatic processes.  

Detention centers require a unique blend of services that often differ from those found at traditional correctional facilities. Many of our detention centers feature on-site legal and diplomatic services and immigration courts, which are operated by the federal judiciary. This ensures that detainees have quick access to the resources they need while increasing their safety during detention. Some of our detention centers feature residential-style housing, complete with shared living spaces and areas where families can remain connected. 

In our detention services, we strive to provide programs designed to increase quality of life both during and after detention. For example, we partner with the National Institute for Adult Education (Instituto Nacional de Educación para los Adultos, or INEA), an entity of the Mexican government, to provide adult education in Spanish. Our detention centers also feature chaplains who provide opportunities for detainees to engage in faith-based programs. Detainees also benefit from the compassionate services offered by hundreds of volunteers who provide classes and support on a wide array of topics and issues.

All of these services occur under the vigilant watch of our dedicated employees. Together, our highly-trained teams of counselors, officers, nurses, and others work to ensure that both the detainees and our communities remain safe and secure, in accordance with the direction of our government partner and the mandates of our nation’s judicial system. 

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