Prison Services

Prison Services

CCA operates state-of-the-art prisons on behalf of our government partners at dozens of locations across America. Whether CCA assumes operation of an existing government-owned prison or manages a CCA-owned prison on behalf of the public sector, we bring a record of more than 30 years of safe, effective operations and proven reentry programming. We have highly qualified, well-trained professional staff in all functional areas, including Security, Inmate Programs, Administration, Health Services and more. We seamlessly integrate the partnering agency's policies, procedures and requirements with our own best practices. CCA also adheres to local guidelines in fire, safety and health care, as well as national governing standards and the exacting regulations of respected industry organizations like the independent American Correctional Association.

Most importantly, we work to understand the unique concerns and challenges facing our government partners. We thoroughly study their inmate populations. We immerse ourselves in their communities. And we strategize with them to meet their projected future needs. Through this consistent commitment, CCA continues to bring together the innovation and cost savings of business with the strict oversight and high standards of government. In fact, the corrections industry recently funded a study by economists which found that companies like ours helped governments save between 12 and 58 percent in costs without sacrificing the quality of service delivered.

Partnership corrections provides common-sense solutions that help corrections agencies make the most of taxpayer dollars as they work to address overcrowding, provide proven reentry programs to inmates, expand outdated and undersized buildings, and construct entirely new prisons — all with efficient approval processes and expedited construction periods.

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