Residential Reentry Center Services

Residential Reentry Center Services

In addition to the adult secure corrections services that CCA provides at the federal, state and local level, the company also has its community corrections division, which offers enhanced reentry services. Through our teams at our Correctional Alternatives, Correctional Management, and Avalon Correctional Services, we specialize in cost-effective, results-driven community corrections, including work furloughs, addictions treatment programs, and other residential reentry ("halfway house") services. As one of the nation's largest community corrections providers, we manage numerous dedicated residential reentry centers in California, Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma, and Wyoming.

Our community corrections centers offer offender housing and rehabilitation, with a key focus on employment, job readiness and vocational programming. Most residents serving time in a residential reentry center are either in the closing weeks of their sentence or have been assigned to the center in lieu of a prison or jail sentence. Residents who live at a center may participate in work furlough programs in their local community, as they learn to effectively re-integrate back into society. We also offer home detention monitoring services. When reentry center residents are not searching for employment or at work, they may participate in a range of programs offered by trained professionals, including substance abuse counseling and life skills programs. The mission of providing hope, direction and positive opportunities for residents guides our team of counselors and other dedicated community corrections professionals in everything they do.

Our Commitment to Reentry Preparation

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Because 95 percent of inmates ultimately will return to their communities, we believe that we have an opportunity and responsibility to help them develop the skills and values they need to be successful when they leave prison. It's not only the right thing to do for society, but it also helps our government partners reduce their long-term costs by curbing recidivism.

That's why we emphasize reentry programming from the first day an inmate enters a CCA correctional facility. It begins with a full assessment by a team of security and programs professionals who develop an individualized plan that takes into consideration fundamental concerns, from classification level and medical needs to educational attainment and academic training needs. 

From there, inter-disciplinary professional teams of unit management and inmate programs staff members work to progressively prepare inmates for release. Through counseling, faith-based and life skills opportunities, educational programming and post-release planning, offenders at CCA may benefit from a comprehensive, integrated approach to reentry and rehabilitation. For example, every year CCA's principals and teachers help inmates earn GEDs, the equivalent of a high school diploma. And every day, we have about 30,000 inmates enrolled in programs that teach adult education and vocational specialties like computer skills and cabinetmaking. A recent study from the RAND Corporation found that inmates who participate in correctional education programs have 43 percent lower odds of returning to prison than those who do not. Our investment in residential reentry services is simply an extension of our commitment to this continuum of care.

You can learn more about our important work in inmate reentry preparation by visiting the Inmate Services section of our website.

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