Partnership Corrections

At CCA, our commitment to serving government and meeting the needs of our communities produces lasting partnerships.
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Value & Benefits

Value and Benefits of Partnership Corrections

A CCA Facility

For more than 30 years, correctional partnerships have been an effective tool for governments to safely and cost-effectively address some of their most pressing challenges. That's why three federal agencies, more than a dozen states, and multiple counties chose to partner with CCA. Here are some of the reasons they work with us. 


  • Taxpayer SavingsIn a peer-reviewed study published by the Independent Institute and supported by the private corrections industry, economists found that partnership corrections generates from 12% to 58% in long-run taxpayer savings, giving states more money to invest in additional public safety and recidivism-reducing programs.
  • Rehabilitation and Reentry ServicesAt CCA, we believe we have an opportunity and a responsibility to help inmates develop the skills and values they need to be successful when they leave prison. Our rehabilitation and reentry services include academic, vocational, faith-based and substance abuse programming. A recent study by the RAND Corporation found that, on average, inmates who participated in correctional education programs had 43 percent lower odds of recidivism than those who did not. Every year CCA's principals and teachers help more than 3,000 inmates earn a GED, the equivalent of a high school diploma, and every day 30,000 inmates are enrolled in CCA programs that teach adult education and vocational specialties like computer skills and cabinetmaking, which will help them get jobs and build productive lives when released.
  • QualityCCA has a strong commitment to providing quality corrections services, working hard to live up to our own high standards as well as explicit guidelines, detailed requirements and rigorous oversight of government partners. The American Correctional Association, the independent gold standard for corrections management, has accredited more than 90 percent of CCA’s correctional facilities. These facilities have been rated on more than 500 standards in administrative and fiscal controls, staff training and development, physical plant, safety and emergency procedures, sanitation, food service, and rules and discipline. CCA also meets the standards of the National Commission on Correctional Healthcare, the nation’s leading organization in ensuring quality health services in prisons, jails and detention facilities.
  • FlexibilityOne of the primary benefits we offer partners is the flexibility to meet their changing needs. Whether it's providing a relief value for overcrowding or helping government address their budgetary challenges, our ability to react quickly to our partners' needs with innovative solutions that make the best use of taxpayer dollars exemplifies the value we're able to provide. Such flexibility may be found in the types of rehabilitation and reentry programming we provide, the design of a building, and even in the foods we can offer inmate populations that reflect their cultural heritage.
  • SecuritySafety and security is our top priority at CCA. We use the latest technology, employ a highly trained corrections staff, and have integrated crisis response plans in place to ensure safety for our facilities and our communities.