Value of Partnering with CCA

Value of Partnering with CCA

“CCA has been a great partner with us for more than a decade now. Coffee, Wheeler and Jenkins Correctional Facilities certainly meet the standards of the Georgia Department of Corrections. I particularly appreciate CCA maintaining exemplary accreditation status with both the American Correctional Association and the National Commission on Correctional Healthcare. I look forward to a continued long relationship with them.” - Commissioner James E. Donald, Georgia Department of Corrections

Federal, state and local and government partners, as well as the people who live in communities where we operate facilities, realize many benefits by working with CCA.  We value being a good and welcome community partner while offering our employees quality, stable jobs and the opportunity to build a career.

Capital Investment Savings

The prospect of incurring millions of dollars in debt can delay needed correctional solutions for many local, state and federal governments.  With CCA, such bonded indebtedness for correctional management and construction is an obligation of the past.  When the company builds a correctional facility for a government partner, capital outlays are substantially reduced and, in many cases, completely eliminated. Such capital expenditure avoidance is among the chief attractions of a public-private partnership with CCA.

Tested, Tailored Solutions

Finding safe, cost-effective correctional solutions can be an intimidating endeavor for government leaders grappling with pressing issues, such as overcrowding. CCA alleviates many of the challenges associated with implementing these solutions through comprehensive correctional services that are customized according to the standards, policies and laws governing the partnering system. Rooted in over 30 years of experience, CCA can seamlessly design and model programs and services, architectural aspects and staffing resources according to contractual specifications, as well as the company's own high standards and those of the independent American Correctional Association.

Efficient Implementation

CCA’s ability to bring facilities on-line quickly and cost-effectively is a major benefit to partnering systems. The company’s long-standing relationships with experienced architectural, engineering and construction firms enable facilities to be designed, constructed and opened in less time than in the public sector, which generally takes 24-36 months to complete a project. By comparison, CCA reduces estimated construction schedules by approximately half. For example, CCA’s Florence Correctional Center in Florence, Ariz. reached substantial completion by 11 months and was ready for occupancy less than 14 months from the time of project approval. This streamlined approach enables government agencies to begin addressing issues, such as capacity concerns and legal obligations, with the assurance that their projects will be completed in the near future.

Good Stewardship of Tax Dollars

Through efficient, cost-effective correctional management services with CCA, partnering local, state and federal governments have more money to invest in additional public safety and rehabilitation programs to keep communities safe and provide inmates more opportunities.

Economic Development Benefits

CCA generates a range of economic benefits to partnering communities. When CCA opens a facility, it often generates hundreds of good, stable jobs, millions of dollars in local tax revenue and a significant economic boost for local businesses.  CCA's professional employees - which include correctional officers, chaplains, teachers, nurses and many others - receive competitive salaries and health and retirement benefits.  They also receive specialized training in correctional security, administration or medicine, providing them with valuable, viable skills.  Additionally, CCA is consistently ranked by G.I. Jobs magazine as on the Top 100 Military Friendly Employers in America. 

As a testament to the economic development CCA brings to communities, the company’s correctional centers in Arizona have created more than 2,000 stable jobs with a payroll that exceeds $100 million annually. This economic vitality also increases support of local businesses patronized by CCA employees.

CCA also benefits communities through sales taxes and property taxes, when the property is company-owned. Oftentimes, a CCA facility is the largest single source of local property tax payments in a community.  When community leaders talk about their partnership with CCA, they use words like "a responsible, valuable partner," "good and productive," "accessible to the community," and "model corporate citizen."