Protecting Inmate and Detainee Rights

Protecting Inmate and Detainee Rights

At CCA, we take very seriously our responsibility to respect and uphold the rights and welfare of inmates and detainees in our care. Our employees learn about the company’s longstanding inmate and detainee rights policies in their initial, pre-service training and are refreshed on those commitments every year through in-service training. The information is clearly stated in CCA’s employee handbook, and the policies are also shared with every inmate and detainee who enters one of our facilities. Equally as important, we fully comply with any and all inmate and detainee rights policies our government partners require.

Our dedicated employees – including chaplains, nurses, teachers and officers – are committed to ensuring that every individual in our CCA facilities has:

Safety and Security

  • Protection from personal abuse and injury, verbal abuse, corporal punishment, property damage and harassment. For example, CCA has a robust sexual abuse prevention program in place (click here to visit our PREA page), which includes regular oversight by our government partners and our Board of Directors.
  • Freedom from unreasonable searches.
  • Protection from an inmate or detainee having power or authority over another.
  • Separate housing for males and females when both sexes are housed in the same facility.

Download CCA's policy on Sexual Abuse Prevention and Response.

Freedom of Expression and Identity

  • Freedom in personal grooming, as long as their appearance does not conflict with the facility’s requirements for safety, security, identification and hygiene.
  • Freedom from discrimination, regardless of race, religion, national origin, sex, gender, sexual orientation, disability or political views, including equal access to work assignments and programs.
  • Freedom to practice their religion, which is only limited when it is necessary to maintain safety and security. Our 64 full-time chaplains provide guidance to people of all faiths, with some facilities serving more than 30 different faith groups.

Access and Representation

  • Access to the court system and confidential contact with their attorneys, as well as access to the media.
  • Access to the foreign consulate from their home country for those inmates and detainees who are not U.S. citizens.

CCA has in place clear and accessible processes for inmates and detainees to make grievances known. Channels to convey this information include a dedicated telephone hotline, written complaints, direct contact with an individual’s unit management team and direct access to our government partners. We investigate all allegations fully and cooperate and collaborate with other agencies and law enforcement, as needed. At all times, we remain committed to the fair and ethical treatment of those individuals entrusted to our care.

Additional information about CCA's commitment to inmate and detainee right and treatment can be found in the CCA Human Rights Policy Statement.