Providing Proven Reentry Programs

Providing Proven Reentry Programs

At CCA, we believe we have an opportunity and a responsibility to help inmates develop the skills and values they need to be less violent while in prison and productive members of society once released. We accomplish this through our nationwide team of experienced professionals such as chaplains and principals, subject matter experts and volunteers, who provide critical programming to the individuals entrusted to our care.

Those comprehensive, innovative and evidence-driven programs address every step along the road to recovery and productivity. From substance abuse treatment to higher education opportunities, we are dedicated to providing inmates with opportunities that meet, and often exceed, the standards of our government partners, in the following areas:

Academic Education

Our dedicated teachers, principals and other academic staff members work to raise inmates’ education levels through many results-driven programs. For example, CCA helps inmates earn more than 3,000 GED certificates each year. Additionally, in collaboration with Mexico, students earn more than 600 Primaria and Secundaria certificates and more than 75 Colegio de Bachilleres certificates on an annual basis.

Vocational Training

The ability to secure employment is central to successful reentry. Throughout the country, we provide inmates with training and certification that prepares them for employment in a wide array of trades, many of which are certified through our partner, National Center for Construction Education and Research. In the last five years alone, CCA has enabled inmates to earn nearly 40,000 vocational certificates.

Substance Abuse Treatment

Substance abuse is a leading cause of recidivism. By providing proven substance abuse programs, such as our Residential Drug and Alcohol Program, we seek to empower inmates to overcome addiction. In the last five years, we have seen a 74 percent increase in inmate completions of substance abuse programs.

Faith-Based Programming

Faith-based programs are an integral part of the inmate rehabilitation opportunities at every CCA facility. Our more than 60 full-time chaplains serve the needs of people of many faiths. With our Life Principles program, for instance, our chaplains teach values that make inmates less likely to commit an infraction while in prison and return to prison when released.

Life Skills Training

Life skills development can greatly benefit the reentry process. Our broad spectrum of programs addresses many daily needs, including decision making, parenting, anger management, and more. In 2011, inmates in CCA facilities completed over 8,000 life skills programs.

Preparation for Reentry and Pre-Release

Pre-release programs are individualized treatment plans developed for inmates upon incarceration. Extensive pre-release programs are offered at CCA facilities. Such programs are typically devoted to the final stage of the offenders’ sentences, usually the last 16 weeks. Some programs at CCA facilities are more intense, going up to 52 weeks in length, depending on facility or government partner specifications.

CCA’s Inmate Programs department leads our company’s commitment to delivering these important services. Our team of industry-leading experts is devoted to developing, delivering and researching quality inmate programs that are continuously tested and evaluated. Inmates are tested before and after taking part in programs, providing a means to track their progress and the effectiveness of the classes, coursework and treatment approaches.

CCA’s operational efforts have received accreditation from the independent American Correctional Association (ACA), the oldest and largest international correctional organization in the world. Additionally, our addictions treatment programs have been accredited by the National Association for Addiction Professionals. We were also the first corrections system to achieve accreditation by the National Center for Construction Education and Research, a nationally recognized authority in high-quality construction and maintenance training.