Safety & Security

CCA is committed to ensuring the highest standards for safety and security.
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Security Operations

Excellence in Security Practices

Safety and security is the foundation of successful corrections management with CCA.  Without an unwavering commitment to safety and security, effective corrections are compromised. That's why being safe and secure is part of every aspect of corrections management at CCA.

Our security and safety is defined by more than state-of-the-art hardware. We are guided by a philosophy that upholds correctional best practices, contractual mandates, national accreditation standards set by the American Correctional Association (ACA) and our own proven expertise. Our commitment to safety and security is developed through organizational measures, ongoing intensive training and the latest in correctional technology and intelligence.

On the frontline level, being a member of the security team at CCA means more than performing routine checks on a shift; it means being an ambassador of safety and security for inmates, the surrounding community and fellow staff. Our correctional officers and supervisors are responsible for securing housing units, controlling inmate movement, performing perimeter checks, supervising inmates, reporting and documenting incidents and resolving conflicts. These team members are trained security professionals, who each year undergo training to keep their skills fresh.


We provide the highest quality safety and security equipment in the industry. CCA-owned facilities are outfitted with leading technologies incorporated into our prototype design, which seamlessly blend both architecture and security.

Safety & Security with CCA