Making sure each CCA inmate is thoroughly assessed and properly classified is critical.

Classification is the process by which every incoming CCA offender is inventoried according to his or her individual risk or security level, medical care requirements or other special needs. Highly trained correctional professionals use a precise process to ensure all inmates are assigned to the most appropriate units based on these needs.

The classification process includes a screening done upon intake that considers an inmate's gender, age, PREA concerns and past behavioral history. Programmatic needs, disciplined conduct, health care demands and previous correctional encounters are also considered.

Appropriate and consistent classification protects each and every inmate, while also extending the oversall safety and security of CCA professionals, incoming volunteers and the greater community in which we operate. A clear and accurate classification process can also help mitigate the risk of incidents, internal threats and safety breaches.

CCA's rigorous classification process is aligned with the high standards of our government partners, while also informed with our company's own experience in this specialized process.