Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Committed to the highest standards

CCA facilities meet the highest standards of quality. The standards are high because the stakes are high.

We are not only held accountable to detailed policies that govern our institutions and meet national accreditation standards. We are also subject to the same requirements of most government prisons and jails. CCA guidelines are often established and approved by our government partners and often include additional requirements as well as a monitoring process that exceeds their operational requirements.

CCA places consistent quality assurance and strict accountability at the forefront of our corrections management. With us, quality assurance is a continual process that enables us to achieve not just what our customers depend upon, but what we also expect from ourselves — and that's commitment to the highest standards.


Most CCA facilities are accredited by the nationally respected American Correctional Association (ACA), which represents the highest standards in corrections. That means they must meet nearly 500 professional standards in all areas of operations, including security, food service, fire/safety, sanitation, maintenance, medical, education, recreation, visitation, mail and administration.

Daily auditing of facility departments provides continuous problem identification and resolution, and is an integral function of facility life. Audits examining medical operations are conducted by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations and National Commission on Correctional Health Care. Formal assessment of the accreditation process is monitored by CCA's Quality Assurance department.

Each CCA facility is visited at least once per year by a company oversight audit team. Our companywide accreditation score year after year averages more than 99 percent. Few other corrections management companies or public agencies can equal this record.

ACA Statement on Accreditation