Corrections changes every day. With diverse populations, new waves of contraband, emerging security threats and evolving needs, we must stay aware of trends and changes. That's where innovation meets technology at CCA.

Within our company, we understand the rewards of staying current. That's why CCA employs technology to enhance safety and security, efficiency and quality. Hardware, software and intelligent devices keep those in our care, those around us, and those on our teams safe and secure around the clock.

Such tools and systems within CCA facilities include but are not limited to:

Computerized Central Control

Computerized central control enables a single switchboard connected facility-wide and operated by expertly trained staff to monitor and oversee all facility movements.  Radio systems provide reliable communications and strong reception in remote areas, locations with weak signals, and within steel- or concrete-reinforced buildings.

Metal Detectors

Our international airport quality metal detectors located at entry posts and strategic areas throughout the facilities.

Inmate Management System 2 (IMS2)

IMS2 reduces paperwork by providing electronic inmate records on desktop and laptop computers, personal digital assistants (PDAs) and document and barcode scanners.

Camera Systems

These specially-reinforced camera systems archive video records, permitting a thorough review of activities.

Perimeter Stun Fence

Stun fences serve as psychological and physical deterrents to negative inmate conduct and make boundary-crossing activities inherently unattractive.

X-Ray Machines

X-ray machines provide increased oversight for individuals and items entering and exiting CCA facilities.

*CCA also has developed and implemented a range of proprietary technologies in our facilities. For competitive and security reasons, we do not disclose them all.