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Dedicated. Compassionate. Committed.

Volunteers are selfless individuals who are inspired to make a difference and change lives. And we're proud to say that many such volunteers have found a home, serving inmates and detainees within our facilities, mending the broken-spirited, and giving hope to those who just needed someone to believe in them.

At CCA, we believe in the value of volunteers who give of their time to benefit inmates and detainees and to serve the interests of their communities, religious organizations, or other non-profit organizations. We seek to provide volunteers with opportunities to fulfill their charitable missions and work to the benefit of inmates and detainees. These volunteers are encouraged to apply to enter our facilities, with the understanding that they are serving not on CCA’s behalf – but on behalf of the men and women who are incarcerated.

CCA is a correctional system with nearly 70 prisons, jails, detention centers and residential reentry centers across the country. We operate safe and secure correctional facilities that protect our communities, provide thousands of jobs, and serve as place for growth and renewal for the inmates in our care. 

Our reentry philosophy is simple: We believe in an individual's ability to learn from past decisions and make positive changes. Led by teachers, counselors, case managers, instructors and chaplains, we offer a wide variety of reentry programs and resources to address the restorative needs of individuals. 

And that’s also where volunteers come in.

Volunteers are invaluable to inmates and detainees, as they work to effect real change in their lives. Volunteers offer inmates and detainees personalized tutoring sessions, focused Bible studies, worship services, substance abuse treatment sessions, specialty art classes, literacy and vocational studies, and much more.

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If an established charitable or religious organization has members who want to positively impact lives, lead by example and help inmates grow, learn and develop, we want to find opportunities for them to volunteer at our correctional facilities. If you are interested in volunteering but are not affiliated with an organization, one of our volunteer coordinators may be able to connect you with an organization that serves inmates and detainees. Nationwide, volunteers for inmates and detainees provide instruction and guidance, but it’s actually the faithful modeling of living a good, productive life that makes perhaps the greatest difference of all. 

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Many inmate residents have never had a consistent and positive presence in their lives — someone who voluntarily gives their time, counsel, and service. Volunteers offer a gateway of hope and resources to the free society that awaits the inmates.

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If you have a calling to serve, we hope you, through your charitable organization, will answer the call to join in benefiting inmates and detainees through volunteering. If you do, we believe that you may feel the reward and value felt by so many others.

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