The Value of Volunteering

The Value of Volunteering

Men of Valor Inmate Counseling

We strive to meet the needs of inmates who express an interest in self-improvement, academic study or professional growth by providing resources and opportunities that allow them to grow and learn. 

Volunteers, through their religious or charitable organizations, help inmates and detainees prepare for reentry. One inmate in the Motivation to Change program said volunteers are, “caring, professional and dedicated. Volunteers have made a positive difference in my life. They have helped me stay focused on positive goals and keep love in my heart.”

It’s the idea of volunteering — that volunteers are personally motivated to help inmates and detainees succeed — that resonates so loudly. To have someone believe in them and their ability to succeed, is often life changing. 

One inmate in the Life Principles program explained that the volunteers he has worked with are very informative and knowledgeable. “They are good at offering advice for spiritual growth and changing lives. Volunteers seriously make me think about the direction my life is heading and what I must do to change it.”